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Alexys Paris12 - Week Intensive
Mixed Levels I & II Class:

March 20th - June 12th 2015
Vocal Technique & Performance:

Let’s Take It Up a Notch!

And Get This Party Started!

Singers! - You are about to embark on a higher journey! With much excitement, I am happy to announce another yet New & Improved 12 Week Group Class Intensive! This class includes: Five Mini-Lectures (first five weeks) with OnLine Down-loadable Reference Material, 2 Pre-Performance Run-Throughs, 1 Sound-Check with Professional Engineer, and The Group Performance Showcase with Engineer & Videographer, plus personalized MP4 Videos of your performances! Potluck, Analysis and Video Critique day after showcase also included! Twelve sessions and a fantastically fun experience bonding with classmates and taking your vocals and performances to higher levels - Just what you've asked for! To register for the class, click Enroll button (above) sign up, pay online or send a reply via email to alexy@voice lessonsonline.com to reserve your spot. Maximum participants: 8.

Group vocal classes at The Voice Studio provide you with the highest standard of group vocal instruction, solid, long lasting results in a professional and fun environment.

Group Vocal Class - March 20th - June 12th 2015
12 - Week Class Intensive "Vocal Technique & Performance"

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Vocal Technique & Performance Class Description

Private lessons from an approved instructor is required. (Speak to Alexys if you have questions.) Each student sings solos of their choice and receives constructive and supportive feedback from classmates and instructor to improve technique, style and overall performance. The class is always very supportive and the instructor makes sure all are sharing constructive and honest feedback towards the goal of improvement.

The primary focus of the Level One class members is vocal technique to develop the individual’s voice. The Level One class members must be able to sing a simple song in tune. (If you are unsure you meet this requirement, schedule a private lesson with the instructor.) Level Two class members will focus more on performance, style, and stage presence, but technique must remain at the core of the performances. The Level Two class members are generally more experienced, but this has proven to work positively as experienced members support and encourage beginners, and we are all learning from everyone.

Each class, students are given suggestions and “homework” to practice during the week, with the goal towards improvement. It is often times amazing to see and hear the improvement at the end of the series. A performance showcase is the next to last class, held in a public venue. Each student invites friends and loved ones to witness and hear their progress. Its another very supportive and fun environment.

“The Voice Studio”, 1399 18th Street (corner of Missouri St), San Francisco, CA 94107.

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